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11/29/20 Update: We have stopped hosting tours for awhile as we work on getting our chocolate marketed and into stores in it's new packaging. We also of course have our eye on Covid safety and will start up again most likely in spring 2021!  Tours are still available for our Airbnb guests.


Basic tour:  Spend one generous hour exploring our off-grid permaculture farm:  let us know what you are most interested in, whether that is learning how chocolate is made, edible landscaping in a tropical setting, or tasting unusual fruits!  Our tours are personalized and are just for your group.


Choose the focus - each tour can include some or all of these:

  • Taste tropical fruits such as fresh cacao pods and ice cream bean, abiu, soursop, and kumquats, to name just a few  (depending on season).  

  • Visit our beautiful waterfall and swimming hole.  

  • Chocolate-making focus. Delve into the world of  tree-to-bar chocolate: see how we grow cacao in an agroforestry setting.  Learn how we make delicious chocolate.  You can sample fresh cacao, cacao nectar when available, and dried/roasted nibs as well as our finished honey-sweetened chocolate.  

  • Press fresh sugarcane for lemonade.  Help harvest your own purple sugar cane and pick lemons and/or limes, then use our electric press to make a delicious drink that is sure to satisfy your thirst!  

  • Tropical food forests and permaculture, growing healthy soil, perennial vegetables, how to grow a complete diet with few outside inputs.  

  • Pet and feed the bunnies, see  Sulcata tortoises, help us collect eggs from our 750 foot Korean Natural Farming chicken house.  

  • Afterwards, visit our farmstand to buy fresh farm goodies such as cacao nectar, dried bananas, and local fruits and vegetables - oh and of course chocolate! 


You will leave with an appreciation for living well, off-grid, in the tropics!

Maximum guests per tour:  8

Rates:  $30/person.  Kids five and under are free.  

  • Sugar-cane lemonade pressing, all you can drink $35/group. 

  • Buy sugarcane lemonade to take home: $8/quart or gallon jug for $20/gallon jug. 

  • Fruit tasting (seasonal), add $5/person

  • Chocolate-making focus and tasting, add $10/person.

  • $45 minimum.

  • If staying at Forest Hale, our Airbnb, cost is less.

To book a tour, e-mail us at (see below) with what you are interested in and potential dates.  Payment is through Paypal (sorry, not set up to take credit cards), which we will send you when we are finalizing the details.  After we get payment, we will confirm and send you directions.

Note that we are off the beaten path, ten minutes up a winding narrow paved road.  It is a beautiful drive but you should be comfortable with pulling off onto grass to let cars coming down the hill pass. 

Be sure to bring:  walking shoes or boots, hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellant, water.  We have umbrellas and water refills.  Extra farm foods such as chocolate and dried bananas available for purchase.


Rachel  & Dan

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