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Kulike Forest Farm EGGS

What Makes Our Eggs Special?


Our chicken coop follows a design called Korean Natural Farming. The coop is large and airy, with ample nesting boxes and sleeping perches. The floor is built of logs covered by several feet of woodchips (we used albizia trees). This woody base grows fungi that naturally keep down parasites and quickly decompose chicken poop so there are no flies and no smell!  Periodically we spritz lacto acid bacteria to keep the desired fungi dominant, but it hardly seems to need it.

The chickens are fed Scratch and Peck organic, non-GMO verified feed, which has no soy or corn, and is a whole grain feed from the northwest U.S.  We ferment it for two days to increase the protein and foster healthy birds.


The coop is open to a 1/2 acre food forest with fruit trees such as bananas, soursop, cacao, breadfruit, kukui.  As if this isn't enough, they also get daily fresh coconuts, azolla (a protein-rich water fern), garden weeds, and bananas.  

We have roosters, so the eggs are fertile, and the chickens live in families of one rooster to around 10 hens.

This super healthy environment and high quality food results in happy hens and delicious, nutritious eggs!

You can buy our eggs straight from the farm or contact us for delivery or other venues.

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