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Hakalau Chocolate: Organically Grown, Sustainably Made, and Delicious!
Hakalau Chocolate is made with two ingredients:  organic cacao and Hawaiian honey.  It is smooth and creamy, melting on the tongue with no added cocoa butter.  It is rich in naturally occurring healthy oils and mood-enhancing theobromine.  
This is a 100% Hawaiian product from small permaculture farms made in small batches, hand-crafted!  Expect delicious variations in each bar, depending on the season the pods and honey were harvested. Typical flavor notes are: nutty, coffee, raspberry. 
We have just added a fabulous new flavor - organic coffee!  This is a winner for those who love the flavors of melded chocolate and coffee, and is in keeping with our goals of using local, sustainably grown products, that also happen to be especially delicious.
Price includes shipping and handling.  Contact us for wholesale or large orders.   We take Paypal and credit cards through this site, or if you want to do Venmo or a check contact us for info.