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This is the purest form of our tree-to-bar hand-crafted chocolate, made with only one ingredient: organically grown Hakalau cacao nibs.  Nibs are ground for 3 days to a luscious smoothness.   This bar has the maximum nutrient value of cacao with zero sugars. You can use it for nibbling, baking, or making into a hot drink with your favorite spices, milk, and sweetener.  It is the same as our cacao mass, but selected for the mildest flavor, and poured into convenient-to-use bars of approximately 2 ounces (12 squares).  You get six bars in this order.  (If you want a mixture of types of bars, choose the Assorted 6-Bar Bundle.)

Hakalau Chocolate, Total Cacao (100%) - 6 Bar Bundle

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Total Cacao Monthly
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$63.00every month until canceled
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