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(Only order with other items to total minimum of $63 please! ) The hulls from winnowing cacao are used to make a chocolate tea, just add spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, and your choice of sweeteners or milk,  Our chaff is very high in cacao bits because we do a "hard" winnow, when we separate the nibs from the chaff.  The chaff is very clean and fresh, made from roasted pure organically grown cacao, all sourced from small farms on the east side of Big Island (Hawaii).  We ferment in banana-leaf lined boxes, then dry, roast, crack and winnow.  Please also order chocolate, at this price, to afford shipping it needs to go with chocolate or other items to total at least $63.    If interested in a large order, contact us to discuss bulk packaging and rates.

Cacao Hulls for Tea, 3.5 oz

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